Open Swim: Open swim is open to anyone who would like to swim. The fee is $2.00 per person per day. There is an option for a summer pass for $50 per person and $125.00 per family. We do ask that children under 6 yrs. old be accompanied by an adult other than the lifeguards for open swim. The adult accompanying underage children does not have to be in the pool, but must remain in the pool area until child leaves the swim area. All swimmers must take a swimming test to use the deep end of the pool. You may purchase swim passes at any open swim. Open swim will be available every Monday thru Friday 10:00- 4:00.

Adult Lap Swim: Adult lap swim is for anyone over the age of 14 to work out in the pool. Each lap swim will be $2.00 per person or covered by a summer swim pass. Adult lap swim will be Mon. thru Fri. 6-7AM .

Swim Lessons: Sorry we are unable to provide swim lessons this year. (2017)

Jun 9, 2016, 12:48 PM