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Valier High School Building

Valier Jr. High & High School

PO Box 528

804 4th St.

Valier, MT 59486

Phone: 406-279-3613

Fax: 406-279-3764

Valier Elementary Building

Valier Elementary School

PO Box 508

723 4th St.

Valier, MT 59486

Phone: 406-279-3314

Fax: 406-279-3510

About Us

Valier is a K-12 one-to-one Chromebook school with each teacher being provided an up-to-date staff PC that accommodates Microsoft and Google tools.  There are Smart Boards in every room and most teachers have document cameras and a docking station for their technology.  We have on-site and remote tech support and a healthy technology budget supporting our teachers and students at all levels.  Our K-12 Chromebooks are 2 in 1 device that enables many teaching tools.  The Elementary School hosts the K-7th graders, and directly across the street in the High School are the 8-12th graders. Valier Schools offers a variety of extra-curricular activities ranging from Skills USA to Honors Society and all major sports.

 Valier has a very supportive community, solid funding, beautiful scenery, and many in-town amenities including a coffee shop, One Stop Convenience, Bank, Gas Station, Hardware and Gift stores, 2 restaurants, post office, full grocery store, parks, hair salon, civic center, real estate agent, local doctors, and more.  Valier is a small agriculture community in Central Montana and sits on the shore of Lake Frances. Lake Frances provides amenities for boating, fishing, and camping, as well as nearby walking and biking trails that offer beautiful views of the Rocky Mountain Front.